If you’re a business owner, whether it’s a small business or a Fortune 500 company your perpetual effort is always to attract as many customers as possible to your business. Do you know what your customer looks like? There interests? Possibly their annual earnings? That’s the whole point of a business, isn’t it? To identify a niche in the worldwide or national market, create a plan and a product or service that sells, start building a process of sales to fill that niche, and serve as many interested customers as possible to generate maximum revenue and profits to put back into your business.

But for some reason, despite all your time and money spent on driving phone calls, leads, traffic, and more sales, you just don’t seem to be getting that many customers and return on your investment to justify what you’re spending. Now, why is that? What might you be doing wrong or not doing at all? Could you be fishing in the wrong lake? Is it something you could be saying that’s scaring your walk-ins away? When people call you, are they getting the feeling of confidence to do business with you or not? If you have ever gone through this pain, we understand how frustrating it can be.

If you are stuck in one or a few areas that just aren’t producing sales for you, don’t sweat it, we have a list of digital solutions that will work for you and grow your business night and day online and offline. Apply these simple technics with some strong marketing efforts and you will increase sales by double in no time. We will highlight some key areas that we will help you with your business model so that you can attract a lot of potential customers.

Identify your target audience

This is the most important first step when trying to attract new customers or returning customers. Knowing what type of person you are seeking is key, but these days anyone can use any product or service at any time so don’t judge. Once you can pinpoint your ideal customer then you can highly target. In our past, when we were selling Internet TV boxes to our local community and through our online website, our customers were people who wanted to cut the cable bills. So we focused primarily on that at $399 per unit we were converting under 1% with 2 sales a month. Offline, in front of customers, we would convert over 25% of people we talked with in person.

Understanding where people buy from you most is vital so you can strengthen others areas you are weak in as far as sales and marketing go. The dynamic between online and offline was very different when it came to customers discovering our product. We found that customers online were not understanding what the boxes would actually allow you to do, so it resulted in fewer conversions. Offline people could see, feel, and touch what it was we were showing them which made it easy to convert them. Knowing which market works best helps you funnel more of your targeted audience.

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For example, if you cater to the hospitality or travel industry, your target audience is tourists and people who travel a lot for work which may require you to start running ads on the Google AdWords network, Bing, LinkedIn, and Facebook for maximum exposure. Local events are great for fast customers. No matter which type of market it is, never judge or think something may not work just because you haven’t done it. The least expected market whether offline or online contributes to your bottom line will always surprise you. Surprising markets or unconventional strategies could be a strong way to find your customers. Perhaps you run a chic clothing store and you’re targeting a younger audience Instagram is the #1 source you could be on both Instagram and Snapchat.

Draw out your strategy.

According to eMarketer At the same time, alternative social apps Snapchat and (Facebook-owned) Instagram are seeing rising and double-digit growth in the same youth demographic — suggesting younger users are favoring newer and more visual communications platforms.

“Both platforms have found success with this demographic since they are more aligned with how they communicate — using visual content,” noted eMarketer forecasting analyst Oscar Orozco in a statement.

Or could it be a startup you have focused on memorable vintage items that are targeted at older a 50s 60s crowd that listened to rock n roll type of audiences for the first generations of original times and music, as well as younger customers coming from their early happy days? In this, the last example we understand you’d need advertisements targeted at more than one age demographic for rock music.

Maybe you are a martial arts teacher that caters to customers who are within 10-20 miles from you, how can you maximize your snack pack rankings aka Google business places listing along with many other local review sites or offline strategies? Here at Equinox Consulting San Diego SEO experts are hard at work to help you lift sales fast. We understand the different needs of every business and help you to decide on where you need to advertise, recommendations about your site, ad design, and marketplaces to be. A comprehensive look at where you are online and how we can help you accomplish your goals is what we focus on to grow your business by at least double.

Who are your current customers?

How can you increase leads and sales?

A good way to identify who your target audience should be is to look at your existing customer base and analyze who makes up the majority of them. This will allow you to develop a highly streamlined idea about who to reach out to when trying to increase sales. One of the two best ways to increase sales fast is to start out with a targeted PPC campaign and sprinkle some SEO in there too for long-term growth. With these two strategies in place, your rankings and traffic will be well balanced night and day. Once you can see where your traffic is coming from and what pages are converting and how long they are staying on each page regurgitating that information to lift sales will be the fun part.

Through web analytics and deciphering what pages need better funnels, constantly improving the website will always be a priority for greater returns and higher conversions with repeat business. A current customer now may or may not be a future customer then. Striving to engage with your customers in multiple ways will keep them coming back.

Let the world know about your business

If you naively think that just posting on social media is enough to make your business grow exponentially then you’re wrong! Not just advertisements and promotions but your entire company profile need to have an identity that needs to engage with different social media sites that gets people watching you, Of course, following, liking, commenting, grouping, and p.m.’s will give you the exposure that will lead to traffic but advertising is necessary. Networking at social gatherings is very important to your brand and image, in order to spread the word to the world about your exciting products and services. Specifically, you can reach out to business contacts, LinkedIn executives, social media influencers, local potential dealers, and sales reps to recruit their help in advertising your products/services.

We’ve given a sufficient summary here of how to attract those elusive customers to your business to make it flourish and grow. But it’s trickier than it sounds because all this work needs an internet marketing expert on hand. Good thing we are here for you and the local San Diego SEO customers who want to be somebody online. The #1 way your customers are going to know about your business is by getting out in front of them right? It’s not complicated. Being everywhere online and offline is the #1 priority right behind customer support and treating customers how they want to be treated as best as possible. The world also will know about you when they know who you are. Don’t be afraid to make company media that catches people’s attention and gives them a better idea of your company identity, your customer value proposition, and why people need to buy your goods.

Don’t chase shiny objects

With millions of getting rich quick schemes, accumulating wealth seems to be so easy online. When investing in education or ad companies understanding what you are getting into is vital. If you haven’t done your own research about where it is you may be advertising next, then we recommend doing this first. Spending money online on the wrong thing is easy for an entrepreneur when starting out or with 5-10 + years of online experience. Companies go through bullshit all the time whether it be an old employee who steals there company identity online or a pesky IT company not handing over the control to the company without editing charges and fees with obscene fees. Understand what kind of efforts are in action for the result of more traffic and sales for you and your company. This is the rub. Don’t get distracted by far fetch promises and unclear plans. Having a balance to growing your business night and day is what’s recommended.

Keep hunting

You better believe that your customers can be in one place at the moment but could suddenly be shopping in a different area. As long as you are on the brink of what’s happening in the news with business in general, local shopping behavior, and online marketplaces you will always be in business. This rule applies to any type of business from the latest electronics to the most popular new kitchen item staying in front of customers on multiple levels is where you want to be. How can you dominate your local area now and for years to come? Here at Equinox Consulting, targeting your customers is not a problem. Keep hunting night and day for the most powerful ways that make sense for you and once you have found your hunting style stick with it while gradually strengthening other channels of your audience.

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