Frequently asked and questions (FAQ)

Do you have any questions?

If so, let’s help you learn more about why you would even think about working with us. Our ultimate goal is to align with your company goals to create the most successful online campaigns for you to literally blank the competition forever. You may have asked yourself before why you might want to actually be marketing and advertising for your business. Well, here are commonly asked questions before working with us. Read carefully.
Why should I work with an agency like Equinox?



Listen up, you’re never limited to working with an agency, we absolutely recommend it. If you do not know what you are doing due to the lack of knowledge, expertise, and experience why make it a lottery guessing game on what you should do and possibly waste money? Thanks to our constant research and development combined with proven results you are not wasting time and money. Think about it like this, you wouldn’t try and build a house if you’ve never done it before would you? Advertising, marketing, and high converting websites don’t just become successful out of thin air. By deploying proven methods for maximum exposure and the correct targeted placement for your audience, you can become a predominant player in your market. This is what we help you do within weeks.

How soon can I expect to see my ROI?

This question is always on a business owners mind. There is no doubt about it. The type of results and the time to see results are going to vary based on (1) the services you are using and (2) the aggressiveness of your marketing efforts. Combining more than one marketing strategy would yield better results. But, deploying more comprehensive marketing strategies will blow your competition out of the water with quicker results and will always be recommended by Equinox consulting.

However, if you have specific goals in mind or if your brand is focused in one particular area we can put emphasis on that area and invest into that. For example, beginning a pay per click campaign will bring you customers quickly within in just hours, while search engine optimization takes time to see results and your increase in rankings for commercial intent terms locally or nationally.

Why isn't my website ranked for multiple keywords?
Websites that are highly ranked for multiple commercial intent terms have certain things in common – they comprise of unique and fresh content, backlink diversity, social factors, onsite factors, and inbound links from relevant trusted sites. Our national and local ranking services will provide you with top search rankings for your targeted customers with in no time (usually takes 3-6 months to see the increase in rankings from search engines.
Why are my competitors out ranking me in the search engines?

The main reason they are outranking you online is that they understand and care about the importance of having prime real estate online capturing the interested eyeballs of users daily. They know that by making a strong effort to dominate rankings is more than worth it’s ROI. The more keywords you rank for, the more ways people can find you. Our “online competition” SEO evaluation reports & analysis service will provide the knowledge and market intelligence needed to compete against them and outrank them any day of the week.