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With over 10 years, 100+ projects, and over $1,000,000+ in sales from various industries such as car dealerships, home services,  event-ticket based rental, and local business Equinox Night and Day is dedicated to generating strong sales systems for the 20th century. Coming from the southwest (AZ) to California (San Diego) the journey has been a special one. Before an Internet marketing career the mastermind behind the strategy was knocking on doors, handing out flyers, selling at kiosks, hustling people at swap meets and events, so we know a thing or two about chasing your dreams. The same passion and desire to sell cars, generate leads and increase conversions offline and online, derived from a lifelong of sports mentality, leadership, and the pursuit for excellence. Campaign after campaign of dedicated hard work, results you can count on, and world renown customer support we know what company owners are focused on because we listen and focus on their needs to grow sales and marketing weaknesses. Working with a small number of companies allows us to focus on results for you, not our pockets. 

Our story

This story starts out over 10 years ago when the owner (Brandon V. Espinoza) saw a brilliantly ran informercial Saturday morning that aired for like 20-40 minutes (he swears). After 2 and half years of chasing football dreams his time had ended due to life changes. With life’s changes require responsibilities to be taken care of, right? Couch surfing at family’s apartment for months at a time gave him time to think about what he was truly going to do or be. On that one Saturday morning, the owner sat down and was intrigued by the lavish lifestyle, amounts of money, and possibilities of making money on the Internet. The informatical was called “Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions (for those of you who want to see it, it’s funny! Watch it here.

Founder chairman

Brandon V. Espinoza (that’s me with Internet Expert John Limbocker)

My specialty is helping you create, manage, measure, and optimize full Internet marketing strategies with company business goals in mind for you. That’s it. Simple results-based digital marketing and advertising is Brandon’s forte. Carefully making each step in the digital marketing strategy of your business is vital to building a consistent sales system that will last you for years to come. Our modo is to continously take action in front of new and old customers to dominate your market.

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