Facebook ads for car dealers is not just about showing off your inventory or specific ride to everyone on Facebook. Individually setting the correct targeting configurations makes the difference in what type of customers you are seeking when creating your Facebook ads. Facebook ads will only work for dealerships if they know what they are doing. Standing out from the ocean of distracting noise of poorly attractive ads is what works. Starting your successful Facebook ads for your dealership is not a waste of time. Learn this skill so your dealership can get in the game because this car selling medium is here to stay.

According to a post on AutomotiveNews.com where David Mueller interviewed Darin Wade of Krause Auto Group, Mr. Wade described Facebook ads for car dealers are a slight change of mechanics shifting away from achieving likes to market to those individuals. What they found is targeting, by using Facebook’s dynamic advertising back-end tools, a car dealer can choose these custom audiences that show your ads directly to your ideal customer giving you the highest chance of winning that customer who is looking for the vehicle being promoted. Wade shares how you can tailor advertising based on geographic area, gender, age group, and income level. The dealership’s advertisements find Facebook users regardless of whether they like its page. Then a dealer can see the number of clicks, leads, views, impressions, and sales directly resulted from Facebook ads.

1. Facebook Presence Exceeds Every 3rd Party Car Site

Facebook is the world’s biggest marketplace with an expected 167 million clients and 1 billion clients all through the world. Car dealerships can’t overlook Facebook just because of the sheer size of its captivating crowd.

Most vehicle dealers use Facebook to associate with their customers in a way that shares their car pics, amusing posts, media, events, or anything else that helps them stand out. In addition, customers not only are seeing your page posts but evidently, they can contact a business with positive and negative remarks and get a semi-immediate answer. By participating with unique ideas generated for the car buying process, organic content creation will help you choose which pieces of content you may like to include with your Facebook ads for car dealers.

Reaching the dream audience that car dealers have wished to reach for decades through untraced tv ads, radio, and Internet banners have gotten closer and with the right skills, you will hit your sales and audience targets with accelerated advertising. Old mediums have died out and an ever-increasing number of dealerships are swinging to digital techniques for advancing their dealerships. Utilizing Facebook ads is a smart digital strategy to include in your advertising tool belt. Aside from the important custom audience targeting your local area, be that as it may, disregarding its capacity to contact buyers is a slip-up that all car dealerships can’t stand to make.

2. Run Ads that Associate With Your Ideal Customer through Targeting

An incredible part of Facebook ads is the capacity to associate with customers. This is something essential to recall when utilizing this media to associate with in-market car shoppers is that buyers are not searching for things to buy while on Facebook necessarily. Or maybe they are searching for more profound connections and associations with the brands they interact with.

While dealerships are associating with shoppers on Facebook, it is vital to remember who they’re going after within a city. After running several Facebook ad campaigns our recommendations include that while contacting customers, the most ideal route for dealerships to associate with shoppers is to initially engage with their present interest, likes, and behaviors. These customers will fit the criteria of the exact customer you would sell to in a city by age and demographics. A dealership showing interest in someone more likely to buy the car, truck, or SUV is a smarter approach than building up 1,000’s of follows just looking at your page. Although gaining followers and like exposure give your dealership more awareness in the local area which is not a bad thing.

3. Make Offers That Evoke Special Deals & Strengths of Your Car Dealership or Franchise Rooftop

Give customers a reason to reach out to you about promotions, discounts, reasons behind your quality cars, or strong benefits about your rides for the customers. Maybe for tax season, there are special trade-ins, special financing, or best deal vehicles customers need to know about that will bring them closer down the buying funnel. Maybe you have over 50 plus reviews on Google that are 4.5 stars and above that, not everyone has heard about. A video could help your buyer get a better feeling about the car, truck, or SUV itself before scheduling an appointment which gives you a competitive advantage over the next rooftop. Displaying your special sauce of advertising on Facebook is the key to generating real interest through Facebook ads automotive business success.

Just Remember this…
Never again do dealerships need to worry that their ads displayed won’t drive traffic to their cars, other dealers around them through third-party sites, and clicks that won’t help sell cars. Run ads that you can measure and optimize that work for your inventory. Stop giving third-party sites who run your ads dollars that won’t get you custom customer service, in-depth measuring, and ads that sell cars.

Easily Understand How You Can Make Facebook Ads Work for You

Every car dealer needs to either learn how to run their own ads or hire Equinox Night and Day to do it for you. Contact us for our laser targeting Facebook ads recipe easy-to-read PDF for targeting the ideal buyer for your inventory and how you can reduce your lead cost without spending thousands of dollars on ads that don’t sell. Apply the same formula that helped one company sell over 201 event tickets in time for their event with a 6,083% return on investment. We can do the same for you and your car dealership with Facebook ads (the same rules apply across the board). Let us show you how.